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02 June 2008 @ 06:33 pm
Hello hello!

Slow updates, but I'm updating, yes?

# Gossip Girl [20]
# Ed Westwick [02]
# WWE Divas [02]
# TNA Knockouts [01]

11 May 2008 @ 02:30 pm
Long time no post!
Gossip Girl series, book and TV, both I adore! Hence, I've made icons for the occasion. (: Includes Chuck/Blair as well as the second episode. ;D Isn't Ed Westwick, gorgeous?

# Gossip Girl [20]

25 December 2007 @ 07:28 pm
I'm going to say it for the last time. CREDIT.

Very little icons this time, sorry to say and maybe fewer in the coming year. School is starting in a week! Senior year will begin in 2008 and I begin my way enduring in the dificulties of school and working towards graduation. Endure with me here, please. I had a good run with this community. I feel like I did.

# Ashley Massaro [02]
# Michelle McCool [01]
# Hardy Boys [06]

I'm not going to blame you for the things I failed to comprehend upon seeing. I should have known and started running. I made my bed to sleep in and I'm going to lay in it without pointing my fingers at you. Simply put. I'm sorry.Collapse )
19 December 2007 @ 04:58 pm
Possibly the biggest post I've ever made for all of you! Sorry for the delay. This is perhaps one of the prettiest icon batch, if I do say so myself. (: Also, my apologies. I am unable to finish iconing the Amageddon 2007 match between Triple H & Jeff Hardy. I'm still working on it! I am on a roll, baby! PLEASE IGNORE THE HUGE GAP. Just scroll. :D

40 wwe icons
# Matt Hardy [30]
# Michelle McCool [01]
# CM Punk/The Miz [01]
# Ashley Massaro/Maria [01]
# Smackdown!: Miz TV w/Ashley Massaro & Melina [02]
# Smackdown! 02/03/07: Jillian Hall vs Ashley Massaro [01]
# Smackdown! (I assume?): Mickie James diva-nappes Ashley [02]
# Smackdown!: Trish Stratus' Return [01]

matt hardy overload.Collapse )
16 December 2007 @ 05:11 pm
I'm back bitches! Its a hell good thelovelink revival! Yeeeeaboi! & I'm better than ever, you'd better believe!

34 WWE Superstars & Divas' Icons.
# Ashley Massaro [11]
# Kelly Kelly [02]
# Torrie Wilson [03]
# Maria Kanellis [03]
# Michelle McCool [02]
# Randy Orton [07]
# Rey Mysterio [02]
# Hardy Boyz [02]
# Matt Hardy [01]
# Jeff Hardy [01]
# John Cena [02]

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